2. Circle of Healing Purrs - Reiki for Cats
A forum where you can request free Reiki distance healing & prayers for your cat plus links to online resources & books about Reiki, animal communication, hands-on healing, energy work & alternative healthcare for pets: cats, dogs & other animals.

3. Reiki, Neuro Integration, EFT, Classes
Usui Tibetan Japanese Seichem Reiki Master Teacher - Involved with energy healing for over 25 years. Providing EFT, Neuro Integration, Reiki classes, astrology reports, and more.

4. Astarius Music That Heals, Didgeridoo Music, CDs, Sound Clips, Psychic & Astrology Readings, Healings, Reiki
Featuring Didgeridoo Healing Music, for Sale on CD or Tape, Real Audio Sound Clips

5. Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Classes, Spiritual Tarot Reader
Spiritual counselor, Spiritual Tarot reader, Intuitive Counseling, Reiki Master offering intuitive tarot readings, Reiki classes and E-books. Provides a holistic approach to inner healing and positive change, online or by phone.

6. Healing Energy North Vancouver
Healing with Reiki Energy ,Ease Pain,Increase Healing Power

7. Usui Reiki, Reiki Masters, Reiki Energy Healing
What is Reiki, Its History, How does it work, How do I become a Practioner, Types of Reiki

8. Reiki Energy Healing Information Articles Free Ebooks
Reiki energy healing treatments are holistic and natural. Learn about reiki with free information, free ebooks, articles and online reiki training.

9. Angelic reiki healing therapy - origins, treatment and training
Angelic reiki healing therapy - origins, treatment and training

10. Angelic Reiki
This angelic site is encoded with very high vibrational energies and is dedicated to peace, harmony and multidimensional consciousness.

11. ARHA: Reiki and Crystal Classes, Spirit and Psychic Medium Readings, Psychic Development, Energy Healing in Herndon, Virginia and Essex, UK
Amethyst Rose Healing Arts

12. Healing Fire, Healings, Readings, Treatments, Reiki, Training, Workshops, Courses, Alternative Medicine, Mastership, ART, Advanced Reiki Training, Reiki, Tarot, Space Clearing, 5 Elements, Reiki2, Karuna, Antahkarana, Energy, Elemental, Psychic Surgery, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudience, Guru, New Age
Healing Fire - For Reiki and other alternative medicine treatments, workshops courses, and readings. The official Healing Fire site has the latest news, and information about the sessions, teatments, events, and workshops available.

13. Healing Arts Network:The online reference for Reiki Practitioners and other Alternative Medicine, Holistic Health and Shamanic Practitioners
Reference for Alternative Medicine, Holistic Health, and Shamanic Practice.Find practitioners of Reiki,Feng Shui,Shamanism,Massage,Acupuncture,images of: Peru,Nepal,England and Holistic Schools.

14. Reiki
Auckland wide palliative home care, a Buddhist charity providing free practical home help support and companionship to all people, of any beliefs who are chronically ill or terminally ill and their families in the Auckland, New Zealand area

15. Reiki Therapy | Reiki Healing | Reiki Classes | Spiritual Healing | Young Living Essential Oils | Massage Therapy | Raindrop Technique | DianaEwald.com
Reiki therapy is an alternative health modality that is a holistic, gentle energy process which assists in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. It is a simple yet powerful method of spiritual healing and transformation.

16. Online Reiki Classes and Alternative Therapies for Lupus, Thyroid, Herpes and other health conditions
Online Reiki Classes, alternative therapies blog, plus other information and resources for alternative therapies and medicine used in the treatment of various health conditions.

17. Djunaverse Center Healing Arts, Djuna Wojton, Philadelphia, Reiki School, Past Lives Regression, Spiritual Counciling, Karmic Healing, Belly Dancing Philadelphia, Reiki Master Healer, Astrology, Tarot, Past Life Regression and Belly Dancing Philadelphia
Djuna Wojton, Djunaverse(tm) Center Healing Arts, usui reiki attunement Healer Philadelphia Karmic Healing, astrology, belly-dancing, stress relief Philadelphia, personal development training, past lives, spiritualism, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, past-lives regression, dream analysis, numerology, astrology, tarot readings, channelling, angel practices, intuition, automatic writing, divination, palmistry, healing, scrying, rune and i-ching interpretation, dowsing, card reading, fortune telling, mediumship, reiki, psychic and psychological counseling.

18. Balanced Energy Home Page
We offer Therapeutic Massage, Myofascial Release, CranioSacral & Reiki to help relieve stress, eliminate pain & recover faster from injuries & illnesses.

19. Atlantis College, Sound healing and Reiki courses, meditation music, healing, seichem, Sekhem, crystals, home study course, languages of light,chakra healing, alternative therapy
The Atlantis College of Crystal, Reiki & Sound Healing specialises in a wide range of complementary therapy courses and consultations throughout the world

20. Psychic Activations | Validated Psychic Readings | Channeled Phone Readings | Spiritual Ascension Assistance | Reiki Master Teacher | Malina Havard, Psychic
Different from other psychics, Malina Havard is a gifted, professional psychic medium an empath, and Reiki master teacher and healer offering psychic activations, channeling courses, validated psychic readings, Reiki healings, spiritual advice and most of her services she developed herself.

20. Beth Coleman's Reiki Page
Powerful and effective courses with tools to heal.

21. Green Reiki » Treasure Chest
personal growth and earth healing with daily inspirations

22. Healing House

23. reiki healing free
reiki healing history and techniques

24. Covered Bridge Studio
Joseph Modica,healing,animals,reiki,theta healing,thetahealing, love, behavioral issues, pet hospice, rescue animals, rescued, abused,covered bridge studio,pet therapy,orange county, ny

25. bernadetteyao.com
Bernadette Yao Singer/Songwriter, Music Producer/Composer Energy healing through music

26. Crystal Reiki - Reiki and Crystal Signature treatments in Roodepoort, Gauteng
Reiki and Huana Crystal Signature - the ancient art of touch healing combined with crystal healing.

27. Robert Bike, Reiki Master
Robert Bike, Biblical Aromatherapy, massage therapy in Eugene Oregon area, hypnotherapy, Reiki, acupressure, web design. Book on healing using bible plants, lotions, creams, oils for massage and body.

28. Reiki
Our name over the last 10 years has represented our commitment to helping people find the resources within themselves to create healing in their lives

29. Reiki - Services - Atlanta Georgia
Celestial Healing is a wholistic health service that provides natural remedies to individuals who may suffer from acute illness to chronic diseases.

30. Awakening Transformation - Home
Inner Awakening, Outer Transformation-Transform old patterns and unwanted behaviors -Release negative emotions -Get to the source of your issues -Attain clarity and insight about your life purpose -Create healthy relationships

31. Free healing: free spiritual healing and free Reiki healing
Spiritual healer offers free distant healing

32. E.G. Reiki Share
Dowsing & Reiki,Reiki/Dowsing:Down to Basics.

33. The Beacon of Healing Light
spiritual healers and reiki masters based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

34. Welcome to The Crystal Chamber Healing Center - What is Reiki?
CCHC offers many diverse areas of study for those that are new to Reiki healing and also to help promote higher education of Reiki Masters.

35. Ashwhin Local, Argyll Scotland
Ashwhin is open seven days a week to bring you the support, relaxtion, healing and information you need to improve you health and your life.

36. Reiki: Energy Healing Art
Distance Energy Healing is a telepathic transference of Divine Healing Energy for people and animals.

37. Reiki - A return to ancient wisdom
Reiki is roughly translated as healing energy, or universal life force energy. Reiki is spiritually guided by the Higher Power and has been proven to be effective at helping with any physical, emotional, or mental issues that one may be working through. It tends to work from the outside in, addressing disturbances in the subtle energy bodies and moving into the physical body over the course of a few days. Reiki restores order and balance to the energy body, calming the mind and stabilising the emotions. As well as helping with deep rooted physical or emotional issues, Reiki is a wonderful method of relaxation and provides effective stress relief. Those who regularly use Reiki find it an invaluable healing energy at times of emotional turmoil, stress or change, bringing insight and clarity of mind, helping to let go of the past.

38. REIKI - Questions & Answers
Waht is Reiki - FAQ's

39. Circle Green Usui Reiki
Circle Green Healing Arts Usui Reiki Healing - Relax Mind, Body and Spirit in the unique circular comfort of the Yurt: Chakra Toning, Crystal Singing Bowls, Usui Reiki Healing and Training, Free Aromatherapy. Call Shannon Now!

40. Compassionate Dragon Healing: Reiki III
Compassionate Dragon takes you on a journey of ancient healing for modern living. Level 3 is generally considered the Master/Teacher level. There are only 3 levels in traditional Usui Reiki. Some master/teachers,though, have added extra symbols and extra levels. In my view, these are strictly a matter of personal preference for both student and teacher.

41. Marion Hakata - Reiki Master
Living Reiki provides Usui and Karuna Reiki classes, workshops and classes with Marion Hakata in Fair Oaks, Citrus Heights and Sacramento, California

43. Sidereus Reiki 1 Healer: Correspondence Training Programme by Nicola Quinn | DragonRising Publishing
Sidereus Reiki 1 Healer: Correspondence Training Programme by Nicola Quinn. Learn the secrets of a three thousand year old system of healing in the comfort of your own home. There are no prerequisites, just a deep desire to heal. After four distant attunements Reiki healing energy will flow from your hands, wherever and whenever you need it by simply placing your hands on yourself or another. Once attuned Reiki flows out of your hands for life, no more attunements are necessary - you have become a Reiki Healer. Available with or without tutor support.

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