Learning Reiki

Learning Reiki is a Joy it is something that can change your view and appreciation of yourself, others, the world around you and life itself.

Reiki is a wholly spiritual adventure and learning Reiki should be approached as such.

When we say the word REIKI we are saying LIFE and when we say LIFE we are saying everything that there is.

Learning Reiki is Learning Life, not physical living and not mental pondering, but life. That element which makes living things live.

Although Reiki can be and is thought of mainly as a healing technique, it is actually much more then that.

When you first start learning Reiki through your Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master attunements, you will begin to see that the only therapeutic agent that is available to us is life.

The more life there is the more living there will be. It’s quite simple.

Physical illness is essentially a withdrawal of life for the part of the body which ails, mental and emotional ailments have at their root a blockage which is preventing the free flow of what?


A thing (weather that be a human being, an animal, a plant or whatever) is living because it is filled with LIFE. It dies (by increments) as that LIFE is either blocked or withdraws.

NOTE:This does not mean that LIFE ends…………….only living ends……..LIFE, not being a physical thing, does not obey the laws of the physical realm. It is not associated with time and thus has no beginning and no end.

Life withdraws or becomes blocked and unable to maintain contact with a living organisum and at that point illness and death occure in the thing that was living earlier.

Living is a result of the combination two distinct, separate and seperatable things.

One of those things is physical structure (bodies, plants etc.) and the other is LIFE.

The only effective thing that can be put into an dying or ailing living entity is LIFE.

And that is what REIKI is.

The word actually means LIFE.

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