Reiki 1

When you start your Reiki attunemnts The first attunement you will receive is known as Reiki 1.

This level is actually the longest of the Reiki levels. Reiki 1 includes 4 attuments and most of the basic information that you will use throughout your Reiki practice.

Reiki 1 is a very powerful and profound attunemnt. It marks a change in your life and a change in your understanding of life.

When you take your Reiki 1 Attunement you are opening yourself up to the very essence of life.

For some people this comes all in a flash and for others it is a gradual awakening. Either way is okay, the point is that when you are Attuned to Reiki 1 you will come into contact with your true spiritual nature.

That’s why it is an attunement, it is a process which is beyond the questioning of the mind and it is not actually understood in the mind. If we try to “figure it out” or even “describe it” with our mind we will find ourselves wanting.

The Reiki 1 Attunement is a spiritual experience not an intellectual exercise.

After your Reiki 1 Attunement it is advised that you carry out Self Healing each day for 21 days. This will help you to become familiar with Reiki and also intensify the original attunement.

Reiki Distance Attunements

You may have heard that Reiki can be “sent” over a distance, allowing you to treat people and other living things that are far away.

This also holds true with the attunements to Reiki.

As I have said earlier, Reiki is a spiritual thing. It is not confined by the barriers of time and space. Because of this Distance Healing and Distance Attunements are actually a common and well accepted part of practicing Reiki.

Distance Attunement means that you can receive your Reiki 1 Attunement, Reiki 2 Attunement and Reiki Master Attunement in the comfort and familiar surroundings of your own home.

My Reiki Master Distance Learning Course includes attunement to reiki 1, 2 and master levels.

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