Reiki Attunement

A Reiki Attunement is a very beautiful and powerful initiation.

It is delivered by a Reiki Master to the student and the purpose of it is to "Attune" the student to Reiki.

The word attune means:

to bring into accord, harmony, or sympathetic relationship.

And that is what the reiki attunements do, they bring the student into harmony with reiki. In other words the student becomes aware of and in contact with reiki.

Reiki healing is very subtle, and the power to heal ourselves and others is within us and around us all of the time.

But most people do not see it. It's a bit like the saying....I cant see the wood for the trees......but as soon as someone points it our you see it.

The reiki attunements point out different elements and abilities of life to the student. These things where already there but the attunement helps the student to see them.

Reiki attunement can be carried out in person, with the master and student in the same room or they can be done at a distance. This is similar to distance healing. Either way the student is brought into harmony or pointed towards the source of reiki.

Recognizing it the student then embarks upon a series of self healing sessions where they can become more familiar with reiki and learn to be more aware of it.

There Are Three Levels of Attunement In Reiki

Attunement to Reiki is Split up into three levels or three separate attunements.

At Reiki 1 your first attunement will mark your initial commitment to Reiki and you will gain the ability to carry out Self healing and to treat others with reiki.

The reiki one attunement is part of the reiki one training course.

Once the attunement has been given the student should start self healing each day for a period of 21 days, this will help to focus and to become very familiar with reiki. The student should alo start giving reiki treatments to others during this time.

Some reiki one courses also introduce the first reiki symbol at this point, it is a good idea to do that as it gives the student at ability to include the use of symbols in their self healing.

Your Reiki 2 attunement introduces you the 2 more of the 4 Reiki symbols and attunes you to the use of them in your treatments.

The introduction and use of the Reiki Symbols increases the power of the Reiki and at level 2 you will also learn how to address mental and emotional issues and also to heal at a distance.

By this time the student is used to giving treatments and performing reiki self healing.

The reiki 2 attunement will boost the students awareness of reiki and add a greater depth and breadth to their understanding of it.

Another period of self healing should be carried out after the second attunement.

The reiki master attunement is the final attunement and at this level the student is also introduced to the master symbol.

Once this level has been achieved the student should aging start a 21 day period of self healing and start giving regular treatments to others.

Reiki 3 or Reiki Master Allows you to attune others and also serves to boost and clarify your own use of Reiki.

Further Study

To become a Reiki Healer one is attuned to Reiki.

The amount of traditional study is actually quite limited and easily learned. The basics of the information that one must learn are essentially:

  • The Reiki Hand Positions for self healing and treating others

  • The Reiki Symbols and their uses

  • A little background study including the History of Reiki and the Reiki principles.

This information is made available to the student at the appropriate level.

Other than that, Reiki is transmitted via the attunement.

So it is not difficult to learn reiki. The majority of the time involved is in the practice and self healing between the levels of attunemnt.

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