Reiki Distance Attunement

Reiki Distance Attunements work in the same way as Distance healing.

The person being healed or Attuned does not need to be present in the same room, town, country or continent as the person doing the healing or attunement.

Reiki, as a spiritual healing system is in no way reliant upon the physical aspects of life such as time and distance.

If you are new to Reiki or new to concepts of spirituality, this might be a little difficult to understand. But one of the very first things to appreciate, when working with Reiki, is that it is a totally spiritual activity, and not limited or governed by the physical aspects of existence.

How Does Distance Attunement Work ?

It's quite a deep question.

We can say that the Reiki is “sent” across a distance from the Reiki master to the student, and that makes for an acceptable but quite superficial answer.

To answer the question a little more fully we have to take a look at the nature of existence.

There is LIFE and there is LIVING.

We can define LIFE (as a noun) to mean:

1 : the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body

2 : a principle or force that is considered to underlie the distinctive quality of animate beings.

And we can define Living as:

1. Possessing life.

2. to have life, as an organism; be alive.

Living is a physical activity.

Life is the un-physical quality that we are, it is spirit, soul, fife force or any of many other names that is has had through the years.

We are life, as is every other living thing.

We are engaged in living.

So we can say that life and living are not synonymous.

I think it is important to draw that distinction from the outset.

Life is the motivating factor, living is the result of that motivating factor expressed in the physical realm.

A living organism, a human body, an animal body, a plant etc… a physical thing and thus limited by the nature of its physical existence, your body can not jump 30 feet in the air and a plant can not up root and go for a walk. Life appears to be limited by its physical association, but the limitation is actually only associated with the physical aspect of the manifestation of life. Life itself is still life and still totally unlimited by its physical association.

The motivating factor of LIFE is not physical and thus is not limited by the limitations imposed by the physical.

LIFE is not limited by the physical barriers of Time, Space and Energy.

Life is un-finite and infinite.

When we say Reiki we are saying Life in its fullest sense. And when we work with Reiki we are working with LIFE. So we are not limited by the physical impositions such as time and space.

Life is already “everywhere” is does not need to be “sent” and it does not need to be “channelled”. It already is.

When you do Reiki Distance Healing you are not “sending beams of energy”. You are, through your being, through the essence of you, which is LIFE, reminding another reflection of life that it is in fact life.

Because LIFE is un-finite and infinite, distance does not really come into it. Distance only becomes apparent in physical action, and Reiki is not a physical action.

Reiki responds to intention, not effort or heavy concentration. Effort is the methord used to move things in the physical realm and concentration is used in the mental realm.

Life is way beyond both of them and responds very powerfully to the slightest intention.

When we speak of LIFE we are speaking about something which is not a “fine” or “subtle energy”. Life is the creator of energy, it is not energy itself. The slightest intention is all it takes.

Okay……I digress a little.

But when we are talking about Distance Healing and Distance Attunemnts the more we concentrate upon the distance the more we loose the point.

Reiki is delivered by intention. and that is without distance and without time.

Proximity makes absolutely no difference. You can be one inch away, one mile or one light year. Distance is not the point, but has become the accepted way of expressing it.

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