Reiki Distance Symbol

The Distance symbol affirms the spiritual nature of Reiki, as it transcends the usual physical barriers of Time and Space.

As well as “The Distance Symbol”, it is also known as Symbol 3 and the representational mantra is “Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen”.

reik distance symbol

There are a number of stated meanings and translations for symbol 3, one is "The higher being in me reaches out to the higher being in you".

”Higher being” has also been translated as Buddha and Christ, but I prefer the word “I”. I reach out to You.

"No past, no present, no future" is another interpretation of the Reiki distance symbol and yet another accurate definition of life. Life is not subject to a time stream is neither in the past the present or the future. I know that this can be a difficult concept to grasp, as so many spiritual philosophies get fixated on “the now”. I.e. the present. But Hon sha ze sho nen is saying no time and no expression of time, and “the now” is an expression of time. There is something way beyond that and that is what symbol 3 represents.

As an aid to healing and carrying out Reiki healing's The distance symbol will work regardless of what one “thinks” about it.

You are attuned to the deeper meaning of the symbol and that allows its use in Reiki healing.

But if you are using Reiki as a tool of personal and spiritual development, the symbol is used to personally transcend the illusion of time and space.

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