Reiki Hand Positions 2

For Healing Others

There are 12 hand positions that you adopt in Reiki Healing.

Each of the hand positions is held for a period of 3 or 5 minutes, depending upon the intuitive feel of the practitioner.

As you continue to study Reiki you will see that many other hand positions have been introduced over the years.

You should take time to study these and to use them and in that way you will come to a balance which is right for you.

I am going to outline the 12 basic hand positions that you will use when giving Reiki healing to another person.

1. The Eyes.

hand positions others 1

2. The Temples.

hand positions others 2

3. The Back Of The Head.

hand positions others 3

4. The Throat.

hand positions others 4

5 The Heart.

hand positions others 5

6. The Solar Plexus.

hand positions others 6

7. The Abdomen.

hand positions others 7

8. The Groin.

hand positions others 8

9. The Top Of The Sholders.

hand positions others 9

10. The Sholder Blades.

hand positions others 10

11. The Lower Back.

hand positions others 11

12. The Tailbone.

hand positions others 12

Those are the 12 Reiki hand positions which you should use when giving Reiki Healing.

Obviously they are not set in stone and can be adapted to suit the circumstances of your healing, for instance if you are healing an animal you might you might what to concentrate on more accessible areas of the body and also if you heal plants, situations and circumstances you approach is going to have to be different again.

For now, the 12 hand positions above are a good start and a sound benchmark. Less is more.

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