Reiki Healer

When we speak of a Reiki Healer we are speaking about someone who has taken a Reiki Attunement to the level of Reiki 1, or Reiki 2 or of Reiki Master. And is practicing Reiki on themselves and others.

When you have been attuned to Reiki you will also be a Reiki Healer.

Unlike many other therapies, or healing arts, Reiki Healing is not about a lot of technical learning, it’s an attunement, or a series of three attunements depending upon what level of Reiki you wish to practice.

Reiki Healing is about opening yourself up to Reiki through the attunemnts and then simply practicing at intending the Reiki to flow into whatever wants or needs healing.

Reiki actually takes no persuasion or effort and as a Reiki practitioner becomes more experienced and comes to a deeper understanding of what Reiki actually is, even the Reiki Hand Positions can de dispensed with.

A Reiki Healer Channels Reiki By Intention.

The Symbology of the Reiki Symbols and the Reiki Hand positions are there as a guide, to allow the Reiki healer to “tune in” to Reiki, they in themselves hold no power. They are not Reiki, they are a representation of it.

As you practice Reiki Healing on yourself and others you will come to see and understand more of the actual origin of Reiki.

Reiki and the use of Reiki is something which grows as you use it.

There is also a whole philosophical side to Reiki, as there is with any spiritual study or practice. Although this is totally unnecessary and extraneous to the fact of Reiki Healing , many Reiki healers do become intrigued and ask deeper questions about Reiki as they continue to use it and see the results of using it.

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