Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing is a very gentle, calming and spiritual experience for most people.

Reiki is delivered from one person to another, it can be delivered in a one-to-one session or it can also be “sent” over a distance, making it possible to give Reiki healing to people who are far away. This is one of the fascinating aspects of Reiki Healing.

Let me tell you a little bit about both of these forms of Reiki Healing.

Reiki Healing One-To-One.

Although it is sometimes know as a form of “hands on healing” in a Reiki Healing session the hands of the practitioner do not have to actually touching the client. Some Reiki practitioners prefer to place their hands very lightly on the clients body, but others will place their hands about 2 inches above the body.

It is a matter of taste and what works best for each individual Reiki practitioner and client.

During a Reiki Healing session the hands are placed in a series of positions around the body. These are known as the Reiki Hand Positions and they roughly correspond to the 7 chakras.

As the healing session continues the practitioner focuses and "intends" Reiki to flow it will then simply flow.

While the Reiki is flowing you will generally feel very relaxed, calm and settled. Most people find Reiki Healing to be a beautiful experience, and feel very relaxed and invigorated afterwards. Many also feel a warm sensation in the places where the hand are focused as the healing is continuing.

Reiki can be directed toward any condition of the body or mind, but because Reiki is a spiritual experience the usual forms of diagnosis and treatment do not apply.

We simply let the Reiki flow……. Reiki is healing from the top is directed toward your spiritual essence and from there translates down through the body and mind.

Once you have had your Reiki 1 Attunement and completed a little study of the hand positions you can give Reiki healing to others and also carry out Self Healing with Reiki.

Reiki Distance Healing.

Reiki Distance Healing is a wonderful thing.

Reiki Healing can be "sent" to another person or any other living thing, including animals and plants.

The person receiving the Reiki can be in a different room, town, Country or on a different Continent. The distance is not important.

To perform distance healing the reiki practitioner will focus their attention on the person being healed, sometimes using a photograph. Then they will go through the same hand positions using a "surrogate" (the surrogate is simple a doll or pillow or anything which represents the clients body). As the practitioner is focusing upon the client and going through the reiki healing procedure on the surrogate, the client will receive the healing no matter how far away from the practitioner they are.

Because Reiki is essentially a spiritual therapy, it operates outside of the normal physical restrictions of Time and Space and this is the only reason why distance healing can work.

See for yourself.

The best way to find out what reiki healing is like is to try some.

There are many Reiki practitioners who will happily give you a reiki treatment either in person or a distance healing.

But reiki is so simple and so inexpensive to learn that you can easily learn reiki yourself and then you can give yourself regular reiki healing sessions and also help others.

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