Reiki Is Life

When we say the word reiki we are actually saying life.

We use the word a lot and in our use of it we can come to see it as something separate to ourselves, as we see a tool or a thought or a philosophy as something separate to ourselves.

We use reiki, send reiki, talk about reiki, and this use can set reiki up as something in its own right.

But if we look into the actual meaning behind the symbols or kanji which represent the word we can better understand what we are saying when we say "Reiki."

You see….the word Rei has many more connotations than simply “Universal Spirit” Yes is does mean that but a further look at its definition deepens our understanding of what that word actually represents.

Rei: can be further defined as:

The Divine
The Mysterious
The Supernatural
A supernatural Being or Spirit
The Spiritual nature
Luminosity of the spirit; the luminosity of a God or Sage
Inconceivable spiritual ability
The Soul
Something Pure, Unpolluted
Bright, Clear

All of the above a slightly different meanings, depending upon how “Rei” is positioned in the sentence.

But they all point in the samy direction.

They point to the spiritual aspect of living, and the most fundamental spiritual aspect of living is the very spark of life.

we could say “life”, and when we say that we not saying “that which is living” we are saying that which is causing the living to take place.

That immortal, non-physical and infinite spirit that we, and all living things “are” is what we are saying when we say “Rei”.

All “living things” have one thing in common and that thing is life. In order to have a living thing one must have that one indispensable thing that we call life.

In this way, the word “rei” and “life” are synonymous.

When we use reiki in a treatment what are we actually doing?

Some might think that we are summoning a “higher power”, some might think that they are channelling an “energy” and others may believe that it is all “gods doing”. And if that works, that’s fine.

But I see it in very simple terms.

Reiki means “life” it is another way of saying life. I know that I am life and I know that you are life and that all livings things are also life.

Yes there are differing physical forms, but I am not talking about physical forms, we will talk about physical forms when we talk about “Ki”.

Right now let’s concentrate upon “Rei”……”life”.

We are all alive, so therefore we are all life, only life lives, do you see that we could be alive if we were not life. If you take the body away and take the mind away and what is left…………. you…..

Life is not governed by the same laws as the physical existence.

When we say life we are talking about something outside of the realm of time and space and energy. So therefore it is not quantifiable in physical terms, so there is no “higher” life or “lower” life. There is simply, life.

That part of you which is alive, which is aware of being aware, is life and that is the same life which is in the definition of “Rei”.

So we could say that Reiki healing is life acknowledging life.

My point is that you and I are not something separate to life, we are it………and when we say Reiki we are speaking of that something which we are……Life is not something which we use. It is what we are.

The deeper consequences of that can be quite difficult to grasp, but that is why one is “attuned”, it bypasses the mind and it is life communicating directly with life. The ritual and ceremony of the attunements allow the mind to be bypassed, otherwise it would question the hell out of it and never really achieve anything. Thus is the nature of the mind.

Take a new look at the power symbol.

The symbol means. Let there be life. It is the encapsulation of an intention that the mind can not full appreciate, because the mind is finite, you are not life is not.

And what is “intending” there to be life? The only thing which can “intend” is life.

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