Reiki Master Symbol

The Reiki Master Symbol is given to the practitioner and they are attuned to it and what it represents in the Reiki Master Attunement.

The Master symbol is also called “Symbol 4” and carries the name and mantra of “Dai Kô Myo”.

reik master symbol

The meaning of this symbol has been translated to be "Great illuminating light".

It is accepted that this symbol brings together or combines all of the aspects of symbols 1 – 3 and also evokes that combination is a fuller and more complete sense.

"Great illuminating light" is possibly as close as we can get in a physical description of something spiritual. Although it can not be taken literally as a “great shining light”, it comes close to the event on the mountain and thus puts us in mind of that connection.

The master symbol is used by Reiki masters in their healing and thus adds strength and clearer intention to that healing and it is also used in the attunements.

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