Reiki Master Training

Reiki master training is the culmination of much training, practice, application and meditation on the part of a student of reiki.

To become a master of anything we have to know the subject very well, the title itself implies that we have become expert at using the subject and that will only come about through practice and personal investment.

The traditional route to the level of reiki master is to first of all take the reiki one course and practice at that level until you know that you know all there is to know at that level and can demonstrate your ability to yourself and others.

This would include sessions of self healing and a deepening of ones personal knowledge of the symbols, what they mean and how to use them.

At that point you would move onto the reiki two course and do that same at that level.

The reiki two course moves the training into the spiritual realm and ones understanding and appreciation of that rarely comes all in a flash. Again it will take time and personal investment to fully appreciate the level of reiki two.

If the first two levels are skipped of done quickly without full appreciation of the contents of the levels any reiki master training would be like teaching rocket science to a 5 yearold. You might remember some of the terms and principles, but the depth of understanding gained in the previous levels will be missing.

So it is imperative to grasp the first two levels before you approach the reiki master course.

The master course is not a long course and if the previous two levels are done you will see it as a natural progression.

You will be given the reiki master symbol and shown how to use it in conjunction with the other symbols and you will also be in a position to teach reiki to others.

I now in recent years some people have split the master level up into two sections, one dealing with the symbol and its use and the other dealing with training others.

This is okay but unnecessary. A good reiki master training course should include both.

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