Reiki Meditation

Many people have asked me to post some reiki meditations which they can use to deepen their personal understanding of reiki.

I have been using various reiki meditations over the years and to tell you the is a personal thing. Some work well for some people and others work better for others.....

So I have included a few different meditations on this page so that you can try them and find out which is best for you.

Cleansing Meditation

Close your eyes and relax your body. Look at the air flowing in and out through the nostrils be aware of the rise and fall of the chest with the in and out breath.

Visualize your body effortlessly floating in a large bath of soft warm and luxurious blue water. Be Aware of the warmth of the water and picture your body floating while relaxing more and more.

Feel channels of air flowing up through the water creating bubbles underneath you and gently massaging your body. Smell the fragrance of pine and listen to the sound of water.

Picture the bubbles floating up through the water, over your body and up into the air. See these as all colors, red, blue, yellow etc.

Be aware of a large bubble slowly floating in front of your face. Look inside that bubble and see the power symbol. See it hover infront of you and then extend to the full length of your body.

Now see the bubble burst and the power symbol gently float down to your body and then through your body.

Let that settle.

Now repeat the procedure with each symbol in turn.


Here is another great Reiki Meditation.

This one is from

  1. Draw the Master symbol and say the mantra 3 times

  2. Lift your hands from the sides, keeping your arms straight, slowly breathing in, till your hands are above your head.

  3. Keep your palm sides up, contacting the Universe

  4. Feel the Reiki energy pouring in and surrounding you

  5. Close your eyes and move your hands down slowly and Gassho in front of your face, feeling the vibration in your hands

  6. Keep the fingers straight with your tips of middle fingers at the height of your 6th chakra

  7. Breathe naturally while imagining you are breathing threw your hands

  8. Keep this breathing for awhile and relax

  9. Slowly lift your non-dominant hand straight up in the air and put your dominant hand on your lap with palms up naturally open

  10. Feel the energy coming threw your non-dominant hand in the air and going out threw your dominant hand on your lap for awhile

  11. Put your non-dominant hand down on your lap, just like your other hand

  12. Feel the Universal Love and harmony for as long as you like

  13. End this meditation with Gassho

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