Reiki Mental Emotional Symbol

The Mental/Emotional Symbol, also known as Symbol 2, and has the accompanying mantra of “Sei He Ki”

In Reiki Healing the mental/emotional symbol is used when specifically addressing mental or emotional issues.

You will learn, be attuned to and start practicing with this symbol in your Reiki 2 Attunement

reiki mental and emotional symbol

Sei He Ki, like all of the Reiki symbols has a great depth and significance.

In Self Healing as well as treatment of others there will come a time where you see that the origin of many physical complaints actually have their roots in a mental or emotional disturbance.

This symbol can be used to address that disturbance and bring about a resolution to it.

One of the interpretations of the symbol and its name is “God and Humanity become one”.

If we look a little deeper into that and as why would god and humanity not already be one? One of the answers that can present is that man thinks too much.

So as a deeper understanding and use of this symbol we could simply give it an intention of “Transcend The Mind”.

In a spiritual sense and when we start to use Reiki as a tool of personal and spiritual development, this deeper intention and use of symbol 2 allows us to open ourselves up to the intention of Symbol 1 through our transcending of the limited belief structures of the mind which convince us to relinquish our true power.

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