Reiki Power Symbol

This is the Reiki Power Symbol.

You will learn how to use this symbol in your Reiki treatments when you do your Reiki 1 Attunement.

But for now I want to tell you a little bit about the symbol and what it represents.

This symbol is known as “the power symbol” it also accompanied by the name “Choku – Rei” and is traditionally known as “Symbol No 1”.

reiki power symbol

Symbol 1 is uses to "boost" the power of Reiki.

It is actually a pictorial invocation of an intent which could be translated as "Let There Be Life".

"Let There Be Life" and the more traditional Western meaning of symbol 1 "Put all the power of the universe here now", are actually synonyms as all of the power that the universe has is Life.

I prefer "Let There Be Life" because the phrase connects "us" as life directly with our intention as we use this symbol.

The power symbol has many uses in Reiki Healing and but we can encapsulate them with the phrase which accompanies the symbol.

Where do you want life to be?

Using this symbol along with your intending and answer to the above question will show you more about the symbol than anyone could ever tell you.

Another person, yourself, a project, an area of life, your food, the world..........

When you think of that thing also project the power symbol with your intention and the unreserved idea that there is life.

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