Reiki Self Healing

One of the first things that someone new to Reiki will learn to do is Self Healing.

Self healing is learned at the level of Reiki 1 and it is recommended and advised that you carry out a number of self healing sessions in the days and weeks following your initial attunement.

The Self healing sessions that you give to yourself will help you to “tune in” to Reiki and bring you to a greater understanding of how to “turn the Reiki on”. This comes with practice.

But the wonderful thing about this practice is that it is also healing you at the same time.

You see, when you come to fully understand what Reiki is you will see that there is no such thing as bad reiki, it can not be delivered in the wrong way and it can not cause any harm.

Any Reiki is better than No Reiki.

As you continue to do self healing you may start to see changes in your overall level of fitness, it is not unusual to feel very relaxed, calm and at ease with the things in life which might have troubled you earlier.

Self Healing is a beautiful and powerful way to use Reiki and you will learn how to do this at the level of Reiki 1

Guided Self Healing

Guided Self Healing sounds a bit like a contradiction.

But I have put together a guided self healing meditation so that you can relax into self healing more easily.

You simply relax and listen to the instructions…… are doing the healing, you are turning on the Reiki……..the guidance is simply there to relieve your mind of having to remember the steps in sequence.

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Guided Self-Healing.