Reiki Sites

1. Reiki of dc
Reiki is a personal yet intense healing experience. It works as a complementary method of healing and crosses the boundaries of religion and cultures. At the present time (Oct 2002) I am also a student of Massage Therapy.

3. Reiki Society Group on Vox
Reiki Society

4. The Reiki Page
Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a method of natural healing based on the application of Universal Life Force Energy (the name literally means Universal Life Force Energy).

5. - A Reiki Resource - Home
A Reiki Resource.

6. Reiki - what it is
Reiki - an easy to learn and effective healing method that anyone can use.

7. Reiki healing health benefits
Reiki healing health benefits:This natural, holistic,complementary healing modality can restore and maintain your health by balancing the chakras and auras.It relieves stress and promotes relaxation.

8. Reiki Blessings Academy; Reiki Courses—Grass Valley—Reiki, Meditation Classes, Spiritual Healing, Yogananda Classes
Certified Home Study Courses in Holistic & Spiritual Healing for the Body, Mind, & Spirit! Also offering Reiki Healing and Reiki Classes, Meditation Classes, Yogananda Classes, and Spiritual Healings in Person and Over Distance. Yogananda Studies.

9. Welcome to the Reiki Council!
Sanctuary School of Therapeutic Massage & Energy Medicine

10. Reiki Arts Continuum - Home
Reiki Arts Continuum offers the most comprehensive programs and in-depth Reiki training in New York at all levels: Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Master and Teacher Training programs, as well as our Advanced Reiki Practitioner certificate program in association with the New York Open Center. Reiki Arts Continuum also offers private Reiki healing sessions, clinics, weekly Reiki Meditation Circles, practitioners circles, corporate programs, and Service Through Reiki.

11. Reiki Clinic
Here at the Reiki Clinic, Annette Kreisman emphasizes helping others, assist and enhance their own natural healing abilities. The Reiki Clinic began, as a safe place for people to come and receive Reiki energy.

12. Atlantis Rising in Australia, Reiki-Seichem & Komyo Reiki
Atlantis Rising - What is Reiki, The history of Reiki, Reiki-Seichem, Short History of Seichim, Hypnotherapy, NLP & Time Line Therapy Practitioners, EFT Adv Practitioners, Reiki & Seichem classes, Hypnosis

13. The Reiki Association - Home
We are primarily a community association for people with Reiki to share experiences, learning, support and friendship with others who are exploring a life with Reiki. For many, being a member of TRA brings a valuable sense of being part of the wider Reiki community.

14. Reiki Questions
Our question database answers many queries about Reiki. Add to the list, if you have a burning question to be answered

15. Reiki-Reflex. The best of Reflexology, Reiki Healing and Reiki training in Frome, Bath and North East Somerset, Bradford-on-Avon, Trowbridge, Westbury and Wiltshire.
Reiki-Reflex. The best of Reflexology, Reiki Healing and training, in Frome, Bath and North East Somerset, Bradford-on-Avon, Trowbridge, Westbury and Wiltshire.

16. Reiki Evolution: UK Reiki training courses and Reiki info
Reiki Evolution provide everything you need for Reiki: a wealth of information about Reiki, Reiki courses throughout the UK, inspiring Reiki articles and high quality manuals and CDs to help you with your Reiki development.

17. Reiki training and healing, Maidenhead Animal Reiki courses
Maidenhead Reiki training and healing plus Animal Reiki courses, and Reiki Masters in Avebury. Training and healing, Usui Reiki healing courses and Traditional Usui.

18. Reiki Wales Training Courses, Healing Workshops & Therapy.
reiki training & therapy - Usui & Azairian system. Reiki 1, reiki 2, reiki Master levels taught on the beautiful Gower Peninsular.

19. Classical Japanese Reiki Training | USA, Europe, Asia & Australia
Looking for self-healing, professional Reiki training & spiritual development? Authors of The Reiki Sourcebook & founders of the International House of Reiki, Bronwen and Frans Stiene, teach globally.

20. Reiki Academy - Merseyside's premier provider of Reiki training courses
Reiki Academy - Liverpool's premier provider of Reiki training courses.

21. Frequently Asked Questions About Reiki
The Canadian Reiki Association provides our members with a national voice; encourages high educational standards; through our Code of Ethics, promotes ethical practices and teaching; assists the public with referrals to Practitioners and Teachers; and is committed to enlightening and educating our communities about Reiki.

22. Reiki Courses in West Wales, Karuna® Reiki, Crystal Angel Lecture Programme, Training Courses, Healing Workshops & Therapy
Reiki Courses for Spiritual Growth and Angel and Ascension Teacher Training. treatment and prevention of depression, feeling stressed and anxiety problems. Short courses in west Wales

23. Usui Reiki Training Courses with Angela Robertshaw BA MBRA AIPTI
Reiki training courses and reiki energy healing with Angela Robertshaw BA MBRA AIPTI for your personal development, based in the UK. Angela is the co-author of 'Secrets of Reiki' published by Dorling Kindersley.

24. Reiki Healing and Alternative Therapy by Anne-Marie Carratu
Therapist, based near Wimbledon, Sutton, Morden and Putney, offering Reiki and Alternative Therapies

25. The International Reiki Federation
The International ReiKi federation is a non-profit organisation founded by Sanjnashakti in 1997. It is a federation of ReiKi people attuned by Sanjnashakti lineage, which has connections to the Dr Usui society in Japan.

26. Reiki | Reiki Healing | Reiki Courses UK
Reiki is a Japanese word representing Universal Life Force, the energy around us and within us. Reiki is an ancient form of hands on healing which treats mind, body and spirit.

27. What is the Usui System?
We invite you to learn about our organization, about the Usui System of Reiki, and how to apply for Membership.

28. Reiki Drum Healing and Journeying - Welcome
Reiki Drum - providing information about the Reiki Drum Technique which combines Reiki Healing and Drumming and describes Reiki Drum Healing, Journeying, Traditional Usui Reiki, UK based courses and treatments.

29. Reiki Australia - Home
Welcome to Reiki Australia

30. Reiki Center of Greater Washington, a Reiki Community!
The Reiki Center of Greater Washington, in Gaithersburg, Maryland offers Reiki and Crystal classes, energy healing, public events and massage tables.

31. The Halls of Reiki
The Halls of Reiki provides extensive information on Reiki, hundreds of Reiki, Alternative Health, New Age, Spiritual and Metaphysical links, a Book Store, Healing Chamber, and Hall of Music where you can find music for healing, meditation, and yoga. We also offer Reiki training and correspondence courses.

32. Usui Reiki Traditional Master Teacher
The Real Teacher not doing nothing else, only show us to real side of our self.

The Reiki Center of Los Angeles was founded in 1984 by Joyce J. Morris, MS, CADC, Reiki Master Teacher. Joyce was the 44th Reiki Master in the True Usui Lineage and was taught by Virginia Samdahl. Ms. Samdahl was the first Occidental Reiki Master trained by Hawayo Takata. This is True Usui Lineage Reiki.

34. Welcome to Reiki Education
Reiki Education

35. Welcome -
Reiki Information. Reiki Practitioners List. Reiki Symbols. Healing Symbols. Crystals. Ayurveda. Yoga.

36. Reiki Encounter Beta
Dr. Usui is believed to have received a formula that helped in contacting the higher power in Lotus Sutra.

37. - Deepen Your Healing with Reiki Sessions, Classes, Tools, Clothing and Gifts
The Reiki Artist offers reiki for healing mind/body/spirit (Usui), reiki healing sessions, ceremonies, reiki classes, reiki and new age clothing, gifts and more.

38. Reiki Meetup Groups - Reiki Meetups
Meet with a local group of healers and those who want to learn more about Reiki.

39. Welcome to Reiki Blessings
Reiki Master Teachers offer Reiki therapy for people and pets, Chakra balancing and clearing, Attunements and classes in mediatation, Tarot and Intuitive Readings, Pet Communication services as well. Find here a wide selection of Ghost pictures galleries.

40. Subtle Energies Metaphysical Healing Center - Usui, Karuna Reiki & Urevia healings
Subtle Energies, located in Hickory Corners, MI, offers Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki & Urevia healings and classes. sells reiki massage tables and a full line of metaphysical products.

41. Reiki Drumbeat - Reiki Drumming or Healing Drums
Reiki Drumbeat-Drums that resonate a healing pulse for stress reduction, or just plain fun (NOT Native American Drums).

42. reiki home Page
Reki, Healing, Reki Sheffield, Reiki Nottingham, Reiki Worksop Reiki Derbyshire, Reiki Doncaster, Reiki animals, Reiki children, Reiki attunements, Reiki Master, Reiki Teacher, Balance, Harmony, chakras, healing, addictions, depression, grief, low self eteem, emotional, trauma.

43. Welcome to Reiki Mum! /
Truley Unique Individual Hand Crafted Reiki Charged Gifts For Healing and Relaxation Alternative Health Norfolk UK England.

44. Reiki for everyone and reiki for all, Usui reiki, reiki energy, reiki training, reiki class and Arizona reiki training, reiki healing, treatments & open house
Arizona reiki training, reiki, reiki healing, reiki energy, reiki books, reiki tables, reiki forum, healing, treatments, classes and open house with reiki master Jaap Kaur. Mesa, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Phoenix and surrounding areas

45. Remote reiki attunements - homepage
Remote reiki attunements, support and advice provided by a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

46. Reiki Training and Life Coaching in Blackpool, Lancashire - Welcome...
Reiki Crystal Grid Help, Reiki Treatments, Reiki Training Courses, Reiki 4 U. Life Coaching Sessions to give your life an extra boost and help you create more of what you want for your life

47. Relaxation Music To Download In MP3 Format And Available On CD
Relaxation music ideal for Reiki, Meditation, Yoga and Massage available on CD and MP3 download. Plus information on all holistic therapies.

48. Reiki Revolution - Reiki Training in Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex
Reiki training courses to levels 1,2,3 and 3a, in an inspiring beach location, Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, with Katie van Gend

49. Elizabeth Valsala, Reiki Master - Reiki Treatment and Classes
Classes, treatment, and information about Reiki, Energy Healing, and Reiki Master Elizabeth Valsala.

50. Reiki Classes Online
In one weekend, you can be opened to channel Reiki levelone or Reiki Level two energy and taught how to heal, balance and harmonizeyourself and others.

51. American Reiki Academy
American Reiki Academy offers certification in all levels of Reiki, the Usui System of Natural Healing

52. Butterfly Healing Arts Connecticut Reiki Healing Touch Tai Chi and Chi Kung Meditation
Healing Sessions, Reiki Workshops, Reiki classes and Training with Michael Fuchs, Integrative Medicine Consultant and Owner of Butterfly Integrative Healing Arts, Connecticut.

53. Offical web site of the Long Island Reiki Connection
Offical web site of the Long Island Reiki ConnectionOur mission is also to educate the public about the benefits of Reiki by offering on site Reiki programs, in-services and participation in local health fairs and related events. Offering networking and support for Reiki practitioners as well as Reiki Shares, workshops and other exciting beneficial holistic techniques in our monthly programs.

54. - Home
Reiki classes and healing By Diana Jangchub Pelmo Olander. Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative healing. Reiki incorporates elements of just about every other alternative healing practice.

55. Shantihi Reiki workshops and classes in Southampton and the New Forest, Hampshire
Miranda Gray is an author, healer and teacher. She teaches Shantihi Reiki in Southampton, Hampshire, UK and in Canada.

56. Loving Touch Center - International School of Reiki
As a school, Loving Touch Center teaches Reiki, a hands-on healing energy. It is a powerful yet gentle energy that is emitted from the Universe, through a practitioner's hands to a recipient.

57. Reiki Center of the East Bay
You may have something as simple as a lingering cold, a pulled muscle that won't fully heal. Or it could be bigger, like migraines, cancer, a broken bone or chronic back pain. It could be any one of a number of things, even emotional.

58. Reiki
Reiki Energy Healing, Mikao Usui

59. Reiki Training Centre of Canada
The Reiki Training Centre of Canada, Traditional Japanese Usui Reiki Workshops and Training with Anny Slegten Reiki Master / Teacher

60. reiki self healing
reiki, alternative healing methods, reiki self healing. Learn how to heal with Reiki

61. Reiki
Reiki healing

62. Reiki and Seichim Masters Healer Teacher of 25 years experience. Reiki Seichim Masters Brisbane Australia. Reiki Healing energy can be used by all and for what ails you. Reiki Australia. Reiki Brisbane. Reiki Sydney. Reiki Attunements. Seichim attunements. Reiki Distant Healing & Attunements. Reiki healing Brisbane. Reiki healing Australia
Reiki Seichim Master Teacher Healer of Brisbane Queensland Australia with over 25 years experience. Reiki & Seichim Attunements and Healing at VERY AFFORDABLE RATES in Brisbane Queensland. Sydney N.S.W. Melbourne Victoria. Adelaide South Australia. Darwin Northern territory. Perth Western Australia. Distant healing .Distant attunement.

63. The City of Light | Reiki - La Citt della Luce
PRESENTATION First of all let us welcome you who are reading these lines. Let us introduce ourselves. La comunit Reiki We are a group of Masters of Reiki who have decided to constitute a Cultural Association and run a Center of Reiki for the practice

64. Learn Reiki
Pippa Howell is a qualified, registered Reiki Master Teacher offering Reiki training at all levels for individuals, couples and small groups.

65. Reiki Rochdale, Reiki in Rochdale, Reiki Therapy Rochdale, Reiki Treatment Rochdale
Reiki Rochdale, Reiki in Rochdale, Reiki Therapy Rochdale, Reiki Treatment Rochdale

66. ReikiMaster in Charlotte,ReikiTeacher in Charlotte,Reiki...
Reiki 4 Life Reiki Energy for Mental, Physical and Spiritual Balancing

67. Reiki Bodywork - Reiki Massage by Andrea Binder
Nowadays, life can be full of stresses to the body and it's flow of energy. Environment, family, work and personal challenges usually cause us to tense up, even to the point of pain.

68. Reiki: Gentle Healing In An Ungentle World.
Reiki: powerful relaxation and healing through a gentle laying on of hands to guide the spiritual energy which comes from God to heal you or your animal companions.

I hope you find the information provided here to be helpful and informative.

70. Reiki-Do » Home
Most probably you are engaged in a quest for self-discovery and self-purpose, like everybody on this planet. On this spiritual journey, you have been guided towards places and experiences that have helped you grow spiritually.

71. Reiki Ireland, Reiki in Ireland,Mary K Hayden home page
Reiki Ireland Universal Life Energy, Reiki in Ireland Hands on Healing, Mary K. Hayden, Irish Reiki Practitioner,trained in Dr. Mikao Usui,Hayashi and Takata Reiki, Reiki Ireland, Alternative medicine

72. Tennessee Reiki with Beth Simmons Stapor, International Center for Reiki Training
Reiki, a natural healing technique for anyone interested in integration of the body/mind/spirit, for health and wellness. Reiki works to promote stress reduction & relaxation healing on physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels with Reikimaster Beth Simmons Stapor

73. Reiki Dharma - Reiki News From Japan And Quality Reiki Training.
Homepage of reiki author Frank Arjava Petter. Reiki news from Japan & quality reiki training. Reiki, a path to enlightenment, new & old ways to expand your Reiki practice.

74. Reiki Masters
We have just changed the layout of our site from the previous version to this new one. Through the new interface, we will be able to keep you up to date with what is going on in the world of Reiki.

75. Reiki Practitioners : - Natural Healthcare Canada
Reiki in , () and Reiki Clinics in ,

76. Energy Healing Reiki Boulder Colorado - Home
Energy healing, bioenergetic healing and hands on healing are different ways to describe working with the human energy system to create optimum health.

77. Reiki Master Training, Reiki clinics, day spa, Clear Lake, Houston Texas, Orlando, Florida
Reiki training for Texas, Boston and International.

78. Clinical Reiki Trials | Reiki - What It All Be Like
Review of a clinical Reiki trail being conducted at the University of Southern Maine concerning the effectiveness of Reiki on senior citizens.


80. Reiki FAQS, Reiki FAQ's, Rei Ki, Reiki Training and Levels 1, 2, 3, Master and Teacher, Courses, Reiki Clinic, Energy Medicine
Reiki FAQS, Reiki FAQ's, frequently asked questions and answers, Reiki Training and Levels 1, 2, 3, Master and Teacher, Courses, Reiki Clinic, Energy Medicine

81. Reiki by loz : Healing Reiki Energy Services and Products
Reiki by loz offers the Reiki natural energy healing alternative; health and wellness by Reiki treatment services, useful products and information for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

82. The Reiki Classes & Events Calendar
Calendar of Reiki Classes & Events

83. Reiki Lady's Spiritual Work
reiki, usui reiki, freebies, jeri l van dyke, reikilady, reiki lady, reiki-lady, spiritual, spiritualism, energy, lightwork, lightworker, ebay, auction, kwest, felicia ransom-stoute

84. Original Japanese Reiki course
Escuela de Terapias Complementarias

85. Reiki FAQ
Located in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand, `Cool Boredom' Life Sciences was established by Dave Pollock as a means of making Reiki and other techniques accessible to people from all walks of life.

86. What is Reiki?
For A Calmer & Healthier Lifestyle!

87. Learn Reiki - Complete Home Study Course And Certification
When you are ready to learn Reiki, the powerful new approach to wellness, come see this complete home study course with certification.

88. Reiki Dynamics :: Distant Healing, Reiki Therapy, Holistic Healing
Reiki Dynamics offers distant healing, reiki therapy and holistic healing to aid in unblocking energy and promoting a state of total relaxation.

89. Reiki, Reiki Classes, Deep Relaxation, stress reduction, balance, centering
Our mission: Striving to provide high quality Reiki sessions and classes, in a safe environment, with ongoing support and nutrition coaching to reach optimal levels of health, yet keeping it simple to integrate into your individual life style choices.

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The Lightest Touch.

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Guided Self-Healing.