Reiki Symbols

A lot has been written about the Reiki Symbols, and much controversy has grown up around them.

Some people say that they are secret and should never be revealed to the un-initiated.

Some say they hold great power, and others say that they are not the true symbols and the actual Reiki symbols are not used in Western Reiki, but instead kept secret by a small ban of monks.

All of this makes for a great story and adds a feeling of mystery and secrecy to Reiki.

From my humble point of view, it appears that some people have started to look at the finger and not where it points.

The Symbol is not the thing.

A Symbol, any symbol is a representation of something. The word symbol actually means:

  • an arbitrary sign (written or printed) that has acquired a conventional significance.
  • A Symbol, in its basic sense, is a representational token for a concept or quantity
  • A form or image implying or representing something beyond its obvious and immediate meaning

That’s what the dictionary tells us a symbol is.

And if we look at this we will soon see that the Reiki symbols are in fact a representation of a spiritual concept. The actual drawing or pictorial representation of course does not contain any power. But the symbols represent and thus remind us of as aspect of the power within ourselves.

Each of the reiki symbols represents an aspect of spiritual life which is drawn upon in reiki healing.

During your reiki training you are told what the meanings of these symbols are, how to draw or visualize them and how to use them in giving a reiki treatment.

Many people also chose to meditate upon the meaning of each symbol to gain a clearer understanding of what they represent.

The use of symbols can make reiki seem very mysterious and even cultish. But I think the use of symbols to represent aspects of the soul and using that in healing was a master stroke.

It actually makes the whole subject very simple to grasp and a symbol is a very good way of pervaying an overall concept without using hundreds of words.

You see, Reiki is a spiritual thing, when we try to explain that with our intellect we will find that the intellect can not actually conceive of what is represented by the symbols, it will try but it will only limit the infinite or “un finite quality of life.

The Main Reiki Symbols

There are 4 main reiki symbols, others have added more as time has gone on but Dr. Usui used only 4.

In learning reiki it is a good idea to learn Usui Reiki first and then if you feel the need to expand upon it you could look at other forms of reiki.

But Usui Reiki and the use of the 4 symbols will give you everything you need to use reiki successfully.

Here are the four main reiki symbols

Reiki Power Symbol

This symbol is known as the power symbol it also accompanied by the name Choku Rei and is traditionally known as Symbol No 1.

Reiki Mental/Emotional Symbol

The Mental/Emotional Symbol, also known as Symbol 2, and has the accompanying mantra of Sei He Ki.

Reiki Distance Symbol

As well as The Distance Symbol, it is also known as Symbol 3 and the representational mantra is Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

Reiki Master Symbol

The Master symbol is also called Symbol 4 and carries the name and mantra of Dai Ko Myo.

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