Reiki Training

Reiki Training is unlike "training" in the traditional sense of the word.

Having said that there are some things which are studied and learned. Such things as the Reiki Hand Positions and the meanings of the Reiki symbols but more then anything else Reiki is an intuitive form of healing. The thus the actual book learning is quite limited.

In reading about reiki you will have heard about the reiki attunements and it is the attunements which make reiki stand out from other forms of training.

The Attunements "open you up" or "tune you in" to Reiki.

There is a reiki attunement for each level of reiki and there are 3 levels in all.

Your reiki training will consist of a small amount of study, the attunement for that level and then practice.

When you have been attuned to Reiki and as you practice Reiki Self Healing, giving Healing to others and meditating upon Reiki you will come to understand Reiki much better.

As you continue with further attunements, more practice and more meditation your understanding will deepen, to the point where understanding is no longer sufficient and at that point intuition kicks in.

But this can not be included in any training course or written material. It is intuition and it is therefore a very personal thing.

That is one of the reasons why I say that reiki training is different to most other forms of training.

Because reiki is a spiritual practice it is best learned on an intuitive basis. The small amount of study involved is mealy a pointer. You will learn much more about reiki as you look in the direction you are pointed by the training.

Formal Reiki Training.

Many people will talk to you for many hours about Reiki because it is a fascinating subject and practice.

But it is always wise to gather as much information as you can and then find out what that information actually means to you. Because formal Reiki training actually consists of very little written information the emphasis is upon your reaction and use of the information.

As with any subject you might study in Reiki training you will find many differing opinions and different stresses and importance's placed upon those opinions.

Some people have created their own types of reiki and will go into great detail about why they did that.

Some will tell you that usui reiki is incomplete and others will tell you it is overblown.

During your reiki training it is important to to separate out the two. There is reiki and there is others opinion of reiki and they are two different things.

My point is that if you are going to take reiki training it is best to get the absolute basics down cold first and then allow that to resonate with you and through you until you come to understand the subject from an intuitive standpoint


Then if you feel the need to branch out further I'm sure that you will find many avenues to explore.

But there is a core of information which runs through all of the branches of reiki training. If you base your initial Reiki Training upon those core values, then after a while you will find that you are in a position to evaluate the other opinions with some insight of your own.

The Core Of Reiki Training.

Besides the sea of data about Reiki, here are the few drops of pure water and they have remained unchanged in usui reiki since Dr. Usui first introduced the subject and these are.

  • The actual definition Of the word Reiki
  • The Four Reiki Symbols
  • The Reiki Hand Positions
  • The Three Reiki Attunements

Once you have learned those four things you can heal other, heal yourself, the world around you and any other living thing.

As you continue to study, meditate and practice you will find that your healing becomes much more intuitive. At this point you will notice that you are not thinking about what you are doing. You will find that you are simply doing it.

That is a good indication of the evolution of your intuition so far as reiki is concerned.

Other forms of Reiki training is always interesting but the above points are indispensable.

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