Usui Do

(The Usui Way)

Usui-Do is the personal path to Increased Spiritual Awareness which lead Dr. Usui to the discovery of Reiki.

Dr. Usui is well known in the west for his discovery and development of Reiki.

But before that discovery…..Dr. Usui was practicing, teaching and walking a path to personal spiritual development which he had spent the majority of his life researching.

That path is called Usui-Do (The Usui Way).

The path was completed with the introduction of the 4 symbols and corresponding mantras which are known in the west as the reiki symbols.

In Usui-Do the same Reiki Symbols are used…..and it is found that the symbols themselves embody the culmination of Usui’s lifetimes work.

It was usui’s intention to form a path to increased spiritual awareness that others could easily walk……and that path is called Usui-Do.

We find that each of the Reiki Symbols actually represents a milestone on the path to personal spiritual empowerment……………each symbol represents a step on that path and each one leads on from the previous one to form a path that anyone can walk……and that will lead to increased spiritual awareness…….when the path is honestly walked.

We know that reiki can be easily passed on from on person to another……and that is one of the major discoveries that dr. usui made while we was walking the path of Usui-Do.

He also came to see that the path which had taken him a lifetime to perfect could also be walked by others if they were to simply follow the progressing which he encapsulated in the 4 symbols.

This path has remained in the shadows in the west up to now because of the runaway success of reiki.

But we now have the full path of Usui-Do in the west and I it we have riches indeed.

I have recorded a 3 part introduction to Usui-Do which you can listen to here……

In that introduction I will try to explain the difference between Reiki and Usui-Do……and what we might hope to achieve with it.

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