Reiki Healing Through Music.

Reiki Reflections (7 Track) MP3

Reiki Symbols In Music.

reiki reflections

Reiki Reflections is much more than a beautiful collection of unique Reiki inspired music.

It is the embodiment of each of the Reiki symbols into musical form.

Traditionally the Reiki symbols are drawn in the air by the hand or finger, visualized, or the name of the symbol is they can also be heard.

The benefit of this to anyone learning or using Reiki is immense. It brings a new dimension to Reiki healing.

Each of the tracks on Reiki Reflections represents one of the Reiki symbols, the symbol is the music and the music is the symbol, which brings a greater ability to the practitioner to “connect” to the energy represented by that track.

Sample Track 1.
Sample Track 2.

This is a truly magnificent breakthrough and innovation of Reiki.

The music has been composed and recorded by Dave Watson Reiki Teaching Master, Composer, Artist, and one of the worlds true shining lights.

This moving and deeply empowering music can now be used by anyone to bring greater clarity, greater intensity and a new dimension to Reiki healing.

When listening to the tracks you will find that each note represents one of the strokes used to draw the Reiki symbols. And then the combination of those notes creates a beautiful melody which is actually empowering Reiki as it plays.

Tracks include:

This 7 track MP3 can be used to:

You can download this truly inspiring collection in MP3 format onto your computer now.

Reiki Reflections is much more than a beautiful collection of unique Reiki inspired music......but it is that aswell.

Add another dimension to your Reiki Healing.

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reiki reflections
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