The Lightest Touch

A Beautiful Collection Of Truly Inspired Reiki Music by Renowned Reiki Composer Dave Watson.

The Lightest Touch

You can use this very light and airy music as a beautiful musical backdrop to your reiki treatments, self healing and meditation.

The lightest touch is a collection of 6 truly inspired tracks which you can now download immediately in MP3 format directly onto your computer.

Remaining connected to Reiki continually is the goal of many Reiki practitioners and one of the easiest ways to do that is with the help of truly inspired Reiki Music.

Music is a very powerful form of communication and is a reminder which can instantly transform and enhance your mood.

Listen to the Sample tracks……..

Sample Track 1.
Time And Distance.
Sample Track 2.
All That I Know.

Order Your Copy Of The Lightest Touch Now.

The Lightest Touch
6 Track MP3 Download only $15.00.

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